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Does your child care center enroll babies?

Phoenix child care options for infants are available at all of our Phoenix child day care facilities.  Babies require special child care services, and based on your written instructions, our well-trained staff will provide the caring environment your baby needs.  Infant’s needs are always changing, and we ask that you provide current feeding schedules and premixed bottles, and ask that you label special blankets or pacifiers with first and last names.  As your child grows, our child care center has unique programs and resources to begin teaching your toddler as your little one progresses from toddler through kindergarten.

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At our Phoenix child care facility we offer child care services for infants, toddlers, pre-k and private kindergarten programs. Our Phoenix child day care programs are designed to offer your children a daily atmosphere of caring, sharing, and intellectual development. If you are looking for a proven child care program for your baby, allow us to offer you our 17 years of experience in child care services.

Phoenix child care and Phoenix child day care teaching programs at our child care center provide the best options for your child’s intellectual development. Our child care services offer you a place near your home, job or school to safely educate your baby or toddler while you handle your business matters. Our teaching providers are a great resource. Come find out more about our facility today!

  • Games
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Play
  • Literacy
  • Disability
  • Structured learning
  • Vocabulary
  • Discover learning
  • Social play
  • Math & science
  • Art
  • Music
  • Summer program
  • Infants
  • One year old
  • Two year old
  • Three year old
  • Pre-k
  • Private kindergarten