North Phoenix Private Kindergarten enrolling Students from Anthem, Carefree, Cave Creek, and the North Valley

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Our Private Kindergarten Program in North Phoenix prepares children academically and socially for a smooth transition into First Grade. The progressive curriculum, paired with the positive learning environment of our school, sets our Kindergarten students up for success. Here at Scottsdale Child Care & Learning Center at Carefree, we strive to provide an atmosphere where a positive self-image is enhanced, independence and choices are encouraged, and self-discipline is gained in an environment where children know their expectations and educational goals.

dsc_0175 Summary of Benefits

There are a number of benefits that come with enrolling your child in our kindergarten program.

For instance, our children are in a private kindergarten class that has an enrollment cap of 20 students, which helps your child gain the one-on-one time with the teacher that is harder to accomplish in large, public school classrooms.

Also, our children have the security of knowing that “this is where I belong for the day,” instead of having to be transported to before and after school programs. And economically speaking, as our kindergarten students benefit from a full day of kindergarten activities, our tuition for Kindergarten and “all day” care, including lunch, snack, and school supplies is probably less than places that will bus your child to and from the public schools.

A View into Our Curriculum


Our Private Kindergarten Class has a fantastic curriculum that has our students learning to read by mid-year, equipping the students to be at the top of their first grade class (as countless teachers and parents have let us know)! The learning objectives that we teach in our curriculum included Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, Health, Science, Music, Cooking, Geography, and Art. Our teachers provide weekly lesson plans that detail the assignments and focuses for each week.

The Reading Program that we use is titled Learning to Read, Write, and Listen, by MacMillan / McGraw Hill. We have been using this time proven program for over 16 years! The Curriculum uses letter books that help our students learn the names of letters, how to write the letters, and what sound each letter represents. Throughout the school year, the children learn how to blend the letter sounds to form words and learn to read simple stories. The program is structured so that every concept introduced builds on previous skills learned. We have had many first grade teachers inform us that the children whom graduate from our school are at the top of their class in reading!

The Envision Math Program we have selected is a fabulous program, which is also currently being used by the Deer Valley School District. The material covers many concepts  including numbers and their operations, algebraic thinking, geometry, measurement, data analysis, probability, and problem solving. It is an extensive and comprehensive program that is also in compliance with the Arizona State Math Standards. On top of that, the program is very kid-friendly with vivid colors and pictures, so the kids really enjoy it!

Attendance and Schedule

Kindergarten students must attend five (5) days a week, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., with the option of being full day or half day students. For the half day students, snacks and school supplies are included every day. For the full day students, we provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks in the morning and the afternoon, as well as school supplies.

Our Kindergarten School Year Schedule begins in August and ends with our Graduation Ceremony in May. We also offer summer camp throughout the summer vacation for five through nine-year-olds. Check out our Carefree Kindergarten Lesson Plan to see our daily class schedule!

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