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Since 1994, Scottsdale Child Care & Learning Center has provided what we believe to be the best home away from home your children can possibly have. Over all these years, our main purpose has been to meet the basic needs of each North Phoenix child (physical, emotional, social and intellectual) with love, hard work, integrity, generosity and self-discipline.

At our North Valley child care centers, we celebrate your child as a unique and precious God given being. Our staff is dedicated to providing a nurturing place where children can build a firm foundation for continued learning. We believe a feeling of self worth is one of the greatest attributes that we can instill in your little one. It is our desire to teach children values and skills for living: how to make good choices, work independently, display proper manners, how to take responsibility, share, empathize, and be honest, caring, and respectful.

At our North Phoenix Preschool, our goal is to provide structured learning and loving guidance that promotes the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth of your child. We believe “THE PROCESS/NOT THE PRODUCT”, to be the most significant aspect of how children learn, and this motto is the basis of our teaching philosophy. From infant to kindergarten age, our child care center offers creative learning and development through the following activities to provide your child with skills for living:

  • Reading, listening, speaking and writing to strengthen vocabulary
  • Creative and discovery learning
  • Literacy development
  • Structured learning in problem solving and social skills
  • Development of powers of observation and logical thinking